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The overlookers : Videodrama is now officially out!

For their second effort Videodrama, The Overlookers decided to leave the 50s and make a thirty year leap into the future, to fully embrace the 80s :

welcome to the VHS technology, to the fat chords on analog synths : a vintage world designed for the modern times.

And don’t forget, even with such obvious 80’s flashy synth riffs and danceable digital beats, when it comes to The Overlookers, the Devil is always in the details. more info...

[23/06/2023 | 12h10 ]

The overlookers : Out now, new single and video red lights

We sadly need to push back the release of The Overlookers' "Videodrama" album due to an issue with the manufacture of the CD, so in the meantime we've just decided to release a new digital single called "Red Lights" (and video) taken from Videodrama.
On a positive note though, the limited 12" LP vinyl edition is already in stock but there are very few available copies left, so if you want to secure yours :
it's still time to pre-order now! more info...

[15/05/2023 | 08h53 ]

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