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The overlookers : Teenage wet dreams out now !

The Overlookers' Teenage Wet Dream out now!
Watch Driving Fast video clip

10-track album Teenage Wet Dreams by The Overlookers is out now! You can order CD and donwloads from our webstore!

The secret project of XY (Foretaste) and JB (Dekad) takes you for a ride in their Moogadillac:
Watch the Driving Fast video from our YouTube channel! more info...

[05/04/2019 | 14h16 ]

We start our "productionb"

At BOREDOMproduct, we love electronic sounds.
We like sequences and tones.

Until now, we have focused on the more visible side, where songwriting and melodies are keys.
That is what we presented with Foretaste, Dekad, Celluloide,
Neutral Lies, Happiness Project or Thee Hyphen...

That is what we would call our production A.

But we also love uncompromising sequenced music, focused on the tension and texture of sounds.

And we think it's unfair that some projects should remain unreleased simply because they could be more demanding...

For this reason we are launching a second type of production, our production B.
And "productionB" is also the name of this new sub-label.

productionB... BOREDOMproduct, yes, it sounds familiar.
It's not a coincidence.

Be ready for a first release of productionB.

more news soon... more info...

[28/02/2019 | 11h49 ]

The overlookers : Preorders open now for the album!

10-track album Teenage Wet Dreams by The Overlookers will be released on april 5.

The secret project of XY (Foretaste) and JB (Dekad) is taking you for a ride in their Moogadillac!

You can pre-order your copy now on our webstore! more info...

[13/03/2019 | 14h43 ]

New releases

Happiness Project

(CD album)


Broken Memory

(CD compilation)