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Novocibirsk : [productionb] novocibirsk interview in side-line !

‘Click Interview’ with Novocibirsk: ‘The Approach That Was Mine, Was Not To Compose Music’ : read the full interview with Novocibirsk about the album Télévision 1945 (volume 1) (out on our productionB catalogue) more info...

[18/06/2019 | 13h57 ]

Less than one month for 14 juillet special

on French national day , all our CD albums are available at €9.99* !
Following our well-established tradition, we cut the head off prices
for all our albums and tributes on Bastille Day.

A good opportunity to fill the gaps in your collection!

*for France and Europe (E.U.) and €14.99 outside E.U.

[18/06/2019 | 14h03 ]

The overlookers : Read the interview on rythmes croisés

The Overlookers talk about their album Teenage Wet Dreams and more in Rythmes Croisés webzine (in French).
Read the complete interview here more info...

[06/06/2019 | 09h38 ]

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