artist: The Overlookers
title: Red Lights
reference number: BDMP348
format: e.p. (FLAC download only)
release date: 2023-05-12

It's been four years since The Overlookers' first album Teenage Wet Dreams took us to America, to the very core of the 50s, the ones of Elvis Presley and colored Cadillacs with chromes. A four year period which saw each band member delivering a new album with their own projects (Foretaste's Happy End in 2021 and Dekad's Nowhere Lines last year). But there was more to come of course, and for their second effort Videodrama, The Overlookers decided to leave the 50s and make a thirty year leap into the future, to fully embrace the 80s : welcome to the VHS technology, to the fat chords on analog synths : a vintage world designed for the modern times.

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