artist: Dekad
title: A Deadly Show
reference number: BDMP342
format: e.p. (FLAC download only)
release date: 2022-05-06

Dekad is back after 7 years of silence with a brand new single and video, and it’s called "A Deadly Show" ! This new track is being released ahead of a full new 11-track album entitled "Nowhere Lines" where the french act is back at its best with a blend of catchy choruses from the finest electro pop and trademark bass lines, powered by punchy and mechanical rhythm patterns borrowed to the EBM genre. Co-produced by Foretaste's XY who co-wrote The Overlookers' "Teenage Wet Dreams" album three years ago, Dekad is taking us to a dark audio road movie to nowhere, exactly the place where humanity is currently heading to, head first and at full speed. The new single is available on all digital platforms and offers two versions of the title track, including a remix by Foretaste's XY. Along with the release of this new track and video, we are now accepting the pre-orders for the forthcoming new album "Nowhere Lines" to be release at the end of June this year...


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