artist: Dekad
title: So Sorry
reference number: BDMP316
format: e.p. (FLAC download only)
release date: 2011-02-28

So Sorry is taken from Monophonic, the new 2011 album by Dekad. This duo with Foretaste's Creature XX is featured here in two versions, and presented on this digital single with another remix of a track of Monophonic and the unreleased track Stupid Game.

Taken from the forthcoming album Monophonic, the new Dekad single So Sorry is an emotional duet with Foretaste's lead singer... So Sorry gives a first hint on how the new album will sound like and especially the quality of composition and production of the new Dekad songs. This digital 4-track single also features a remix of the album track What If by No|Reaktion and en exclusive track from the Monophonic recording sessions: Stupid Game.


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