artist: Celluloide
title: Silences We Shared
reference number: BDMLP49
format: album
release date: 2024-05-10

Words Once Said anniversary edition companion release entitled Silences We Shared, a full compilation of remixes of tracks from Words Once Said. Always eager to offer some rare bonus material, the band recently reunited to recorded new remixes of tracks from the original album especially for this occasion. Fancy hearing the best part of this story ? Those new 2023 remixes are made of original 2003 multi tracks and recreated onto the former computer with which the album was recorded throughout 2003, and with the very same now outdated but still functioning music software used at that time and which the band just reused for the fun of it, to make them feel as if it was 2003 again. This is retro-engineering taken to the extremes, a radical approach one would say, but also one that has been defining Celluloide’s way of working since the very beginning of their career. Titled after a piece of lyrics from the song I Missed You, Silences We Shared is expected to be an epic journey for those of us who fancy a trip back to Celluloide’s second album era, same but different somehow, available both on CD and vinyl.

CD album standard

12" vinyl LP limited edition very last copy in stock!