artist: h/p
title: Programma
reference number: BDMLP41
format: album
release date: 2022-02-11

Programma is a genuine analog record deliberately looking towards retro-future, with its palette of sounds returning from the era of the beginning of machines, those without memories or computers. A vintage HD album produced with synths and effects from that very era, bringing along from their glorious past this inimitable analog grain, whose richness is converted into high resolution by the current technologies. With Programma, the group pays a sincere tribute to the sound of avant-garde electronic pop pioneers from the early 80s and even invites Martin Dupont's Alain Seghir on bass on the final track. With precision and subtlety, the band reinvents itself through compositions which combine English and French, along with sound ingenuities for a personal and special record.

CD album standard

12" vinyl LP limited edition sold-out