artist: Dekad
title: A Perfect Picture
reference number: BDMCD26
format: album
release date: 2015-07-14

Fourth Dekad album confirming the bandís evolution after evolution. Filled with danse tunes but also darker and more intimate moments. Featuring Foretasteís XX, Darkelti from Celluloide and produced by Foretaste XY with Member U-0176.

Dekadís A perfect picture confirms its evolution initiated with Monophonic and the change from a trio to a solo act. The album follows the same solid path than its predecessor with traditional EBM basslines (Poladroid, Tied Up), more intimate moments (Not Really There, Hate), darker and slower tracks (A perfect Picture) and ultrapop closing song (The Guilt). A large part of the production work was done by Foretasteís XY (in collaboration with Member U-0176) which gives a different vibe to Dekadís sound Ė without diluting Dekadís identity and heavier sound. A Perfect Picture is more than a follow-up to Monophonic Ė it continues Dekadís evolution to a more versatile and richer artist.

CD album standard


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