artist: Foretaste
title: American Terrorist TV-Show
reference number: BDMCD21
format: album
release date: 2013-04-02

Not a new album, not a remixes compilation but a fully new take on existing songs. Foretaste has completely re-recorded its 2008 successful album for the extra-limited US edition of Terrorist TV! The tracklist also changes and new tracks are added like Pornstar Baby and Keep the devil away available on CD for the first time

Released in cooperation with A Different Drum, at the very limited amount of 300 copies worldwide, American Terrorist TV-Show, is neither a remix album or a compilation, but a complete new take on Foretaste 2008 album Terrorist TV. The band has completely re-recorded the album as if they were to release it today, changing the tracklist and including new songs such as the previously unreleased porn Star Baby... A real collector's item for the fans of the duo!

This item is sold-out try Amazon or Foretaste's Bandcamp page