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Celluloide : New remix of celluloide single quelque chose s'efface!

A retrowave version and video of Celluloide's new single is available on Celluloide's YouTube Channel. This new version of Quelque Chose S'Efface is taken from Futur Anterieur album's limited edition EP Modulation de Fréquence. more info...

[21/11/2019 | 14h56 ]

Celluloide : New single quelque chose s'efface out now !

Released as a limited edition 7" white vinyl, the new Celluloide single also features "Poème Cinétique" as exclusive B-side and a download code for both tracks plus a remixed version of the title track as bonus.

Quelque Chose S'Efface, which means "Something Fades Away", is announcing the release of the album Futur Antérieur, due for January, for which preorders have started !
more info...

[27/09/2019 | 09h20 ]

Dekad : Bandcamp page is now up and running !

Now you can find all Dekad's releases, CD albums, EPs and digital downloads plus Dekad-logo Tshirts on the band's bandcamp !
Have a look now: more info...

[19/09/2019 | 14h23 ]

New releases

Futur Antérieur

(LP album)


Futur Antérieur

(CD album)