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La Machine

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La Machine
Vamos A La Playa (radiomix)

from Vamos A La Playa EP

Celluloide : Silences we shared - limited edition!

Along with the anniversary LP edition of Words Once Said, a companion release entitled Silences We Shared, a full compilation of remixes of tracks from Words Once Said. Always eager to offer some rare bonus material, the band recently reunited to recorded new remixes of tracks from the original album especially for this occasion.
Limited edition LP and CD - Pre-orders start now. (Release date April 2024) more info...

[23/01/2024 | 12h01 ]

La machine : New ep w454 now available!

The new 5-track EP W454 is now finally in stock and available from our webstore... more info...

[23/01/2024 | 11h57 ]

Celluloide : Words once said - 20th anniversary edition

Brand new remastered version of Words Once Said specially engineered for its first ever vinyl edition, with pre-orders starting on the exact 20th anniversary date.

Release date: April 2024 more info...

[23/01/2024 | 12h03 ]

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Silences We Shared

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Words Once Said

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Silences We Shared

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La Machine
W454 EP

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