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The Overlookers
Prom Night

from Teenage Wet Dreams

The Overlookers
Driving Fast

from Teenage Wet Dreams

Today, for french national day, all our cd albums are available at €9.99* !

Following our well-established tradition, we cut the head off priceson Bastille Day for all our CD albums and tributes (and it works for productionB too).A good opportunity to fill the gaps in your collection!
*for France and Europe (E.U.) and €14.99 outside E.U. more info...

[14/07/2019 | 10h26 ]

The overlookers : New video for prom night

'Prom night' inspired film director Mark Savage. The track's mood triggered a strange and fascinating brand new film featuring the Overlookers' music. more info...

[03/07/2019 | 13h40 ]

Novocibirsk : [productionb] novocibirsk interview in side-line !

‘Click Interview’ with Novocibirsk: ‘The Approach That Was Mine, Was Not To Compose Music’ : read the full interview with Novocibirsk about the album Télévision 1945 (volume 1) (out on our productionB catalogue) more info...

[18/06/2019 | 13h57 ]

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Happiness Project

(CD album)


Broken Memory

(CD compilation)