New album out now!

Nowhere Lines , the new DEKAD's album is now officially out on CD and is available on all major digital platforms as well.

We know it’s been a long wait, but it's finally here, and we have decided to celebrate this good news with the release of a new video for Your Love Is Like A Fever , another track taken from Nowhere Lines !

Get ready for a one way trip towards the unknown, where Dekad is taking us to with this fifth album, "Nowhere Lines"...

Discount price for BANDCAMP users!

From now on, whenever you purchase a digital record:

• on our BOREDOMproduct Bandcamp page

• on one of our artists' Bandcamp page

• on productionB Bandcamp page

you will also receive a code which will allow you to purchase a physical version (CD or LP) of the same album at a special price.

How does that work ?
After buying the digital album, you will receive a unique code by email that will be available for two months. If you choose to buy a physical copy of the same album, all you will have to do is enter this promocode at the top of the BOREDOMproduct online store page and click "Activate". The discount will then be applied immediately.

What if I purchased some digital albums on your Bandcamp page before this new offer begins ?
No worries, the offer is still on : just send us an email and we will send you a discount code that will be available for that record for two months as well.

4 compilations, 1 price !

Very weird times may lead to very special treats. And you're all in for one special offer with the following package:

The label's 4 compilation CD set will be available at the very special price of 36 Euros including shipment worldwide. Yes, that's right : you can get the 57 tracks spread on our four compilation CDs for 36 euros with no extra charge wherever you live on the planet.

Including tracks by The Rorschach Garden, Dekad, Komputer, Celluloide, Sista Mannen Pa Jorden, Foretaste, Psyche, Neutral Lies, Joy Electric, Thee Hyphen, File Not Found, TourdeForce, Makina Girgir, Happiness Project, Opéra Multi Steel, Cyborgdrive and many more...


Good news! The French post office has decided to lower its prices for certain categories of items for oustide EU.
So, we immediately apply a new shipping rate for our LP vinyl albums.

Of course, this is valid for the limited editions, like "Broken Memory vintage pack", our tribute to Martin Dupont, or Celluloide's latest album "Futur Antérieur ", including the EP "Modulation de Fréquence", and all albums of our productionB sub-label like "Télévision 1945 vol I" from Novocibirsk or "Hyperborée" from Signal~Bruit ...

It starts now, so do not wait any longer, because our stock of 12" LP vinyls is limited.

Bandcamp page is now up and running !

Now you can find all Dekad's releases, CD albums, EPs and digital downloads plus Dekad-logo Tshirts on the band's bandcamp !
Have a look now:

Less than one month for 14 Juillet special

on French national day , all our CD albums are available at €9.99* !
Following our well-established tradition, we cut the head off prices
for all our albums and tributes on Bastille Day.

A good opportunity to fill the gaps in your collection!

*for France and Europe (E.U.) and €14.99 outside E.U.

We start our "productionB"

At BOREDOMproduct, we love electronic sounds.
We like sequences and tones.

Until now, we have focused on the more visible side, where songwriting and melodies are keys.
That is what we presented with Foretaste, Dekad, Celluloide,
Neutral Lies, Happiness Project or Thee Hyphen...

That is what we would call our production A.

But we also love uncompromising sequenced music, focused on the tension and texture of sounds.

And we think it's unfair that some projects should remain unreleased simply because they could be more demanding...

For this reason we are launching a second type of production, our production B.
And "productionB" is also the name of this new sub-label.

productionB... BOREDOMproduct, yes, it sounds familiar.
It's not a coincidence.

Be ready for a first release of productionB.

more news soon...

Happy new year special 2019 offer !

Start 2019 with our big offer! All our compilations at a very special price.
Broken Memory (tribute to Martin Dupont) + Pistes Noires* (tribute to Etienne Daho) + Auto-Reverse + Synthétique:
4 CD for 36 Euros, shipment included for France/E.U. (44 Euros outside E.U.)!

Don't miss it!

Broken Memory standard LP vinyl edition is sold out

The last copy of the standard vinyl LP edition of our tribute to Martin Dupont has been sold...
We still have some copies of the Vintage Pack (LP + bonus Cassette) in our store, but less than 20 copies... so don't wait too much if you want to get yours.

Vote now for a free album

After Celluloide's Naive Heart and Foretaste's Beautiful Creatures,
we will release another album of our catalogue as a YouTube playlist.
You have a few days to vote between:

A Deceptive Calm by Neutral Lies


Consolidated Green by Thee Hyphen

So visit our Facebook page and vote now!