The wait is over : today sees the release of Happy End!, Foretaste's brand new record. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can do it at the following link as this sixth album surely is not one to be missed with its unique blends of harsher sound and catchy melodies.

Four years after their super-produced album Space Echoes, Foretaste are back with Happy End!, a new album which was recorded during a year that didnít really go as planned and whose title and sleeve are the ironical echoes of these very peculiar times.

With a sneak preview in December thanks to the Lost: Run! EP that delivers the sounds of controlled chaos, no one will miss the fact that the production on this new record changes once more, shifting towards a harsher and more raw sound, with brand new rhythmic tricks which best serve the band's uniquely crafted melodies.

This sixth chapter is one of a band that leaps into the unknown while still having a glance behind their shoulder, a band that proudly built on a know-how over their five previous albums, allowing them to look beyond the horizon with a new record that is already considered as their most adventurous to date.

On this special occasion, the band is also unveiling their new video for Lost For Seven Years, the second single from the album. Head to the following link to watch it right now on YouTube