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Thee hyphen : Early albums re-issue

"Incidental Tool of Confusion", the debut album by THEE HYPHEN has just benefited from a complete restoration work from the original 4-track analog tapes: the sound has been cleaned up and remastered, the vocals got rid of the original effects to gain more clarity.

And as chance did a really good job recently : not only did it help to find the original recordings of "Incidental Tool of Confusion" but it also gave a second chance to those of its follower: "Re.Sound".

You can pre-order both albums right now at a very special price! more info...

[25/05/2021 | 16h08 ]

Thee hyphen : Early albums re-issue

Incidental Tools Of Confusion, 1994's Thee Hyphen album will be available this year as a restored and remastered version. more info...

[22/05/2021 | 11h53 ]

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